How to configure apache and tomcat on two virtual machine and integrate apache tomact


Hello guys,

I am unable to configure apache tomcat integration.

I have download apache tar file and install apache using compiling [ command : ./configure ]. Apache is successfully install and verify it in browser using 80 port.

After that, I have download tomcat tar file and install on another virtual machine. I have been set JAVA_HOME in user profile and start tomcat service. Tomcat is successfully compile and verify it in browser using 8080 port.

Also, I have been download rpm and place it in " /usr/local/apache/module " and doing entry in httpd.conf. Using httpd -M command, It show is load.

Then finally, I have to configured apache-tomcat integration which is install on two separate virtul machine. My question is that,

How can I configured apache-tomcat integration and Host a website ?
I am confused in file. So, Please help.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajesh Kathar


I just don’t get what is your requirement. Let me put it this way:
Apache is a webserver which host html and php sites i.e LAMP stack
Apache-Tomcat is another product which is used to host JSP.

Now do you want to integrate apache and apache-tomcat? well to do so you need to use a proxy server which route your request from apache port 80 to apache-tomcat port 8080.