Ls command is haning in SFTP client side that pass through VPN connection


Hi Folks,

I’m facing one issue that I never meet before. I setup RHEL 6.5 SFTP server and connect via RHEL 5.5 client pass through VPN connection. Although, the login was successful , “ls” command is hanging and other command working functionality. Please give me suggestions. thanks


Can you please get an output snippet for viewing.


It’s okay now, Because I reduce MPU size lower than standard size. Thank you aaronkili45 :wink:



Okay that is great, just stay connected and hope you will provide solutions for future error from users about SFTP


Of course! I’ll give solutions not only SFTP but also others that I already faced.



Is it MPU or MTU, if it is MTU you should check your network’s before changing it otherwise there is a chance to get problems


Actually, we have 3 users such as user1,user2 and user3. user2 is working functionality without facing any issue. At the time, MTU size is 1500 and user1,2 are struggling to proceed “ls” command. Then, user1,2 & 3 are working pretty well before 2 months ago with this MTU 1500 size. Today , I faced unexpected issue that can work properly in “ls” command. That’s why. @raghuu