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The name P. Laszlo. (Sorry but the family my name is difficult to translate)
I live in Hungary within this city of Debrecen.
I’m a security guard in the village.
I am very interested in the world of Linux is the Linux distributions within the structure of their stories.
I joined the forum Linuxsay because so many writers “know” who the various sites can be found here. Very good write articles and helpful.

I love the sport of boxing is within it. I like to read. I like history and geography.

I am writing hobby. My drive what I publish a blog in Hungarian.

Later I was doing picture of myself!



Hi Ravi and Guys
My name is Benny Dou .I am from Dalian China Asia ,Currently I work as a system administrator for linux in Pactera, I worked at maintaining and operating dept. about Linux,This was first contact with Linux OS in 2007.
I would like to practice system administration and English.
Glad to join in linuxsay and TecMint Family.:smile:


Hello, I am Daisy Simpson, a university professor,and I like to believe that I’m a very good professional freelance writer.I dedicated my life to writing and charity.Now I work as editor at dissertation writing services, and i never used Linux OS but i really want to know about this OS and its feature anybody can help me for telling about this OS .


Hi, I am Nickitten Pierre and doing job at London base company… And i am expert in SEO and graphic designer.


Hello people, i am Larion from Russia, i am beginner linux administrator, i am here to learn more and share my knowladges aswell!! i have health issues which are really annoying and keeping me away from learning… but thanks to this forum site i am getting closer and closer.


Hi) Nice to meet you al) I am Bernice) I am a high school teacher and academic writer)