Why doesn't Linux Mint run properly on EVGA GTX 1070 FTW?


Installed new EVGA GTX 1070 in the PC recently built, and from the go had problems. Only three choices in videoinfo, tried all, the LM logo didn’t work right, and after 4-5 days, the panel dropped out of sight on a 24" 1080p monitor. Was able to use the Windows key to access Terminal to type in ‘sudo shutdown’ for the safety of my 512GB Samsung 950 Pro SSD (M.2, NVMe).

Seems that Linux Mint, as well as Ubuntu, is looking for a 4K monitor to be there, as an ‘Out of Range’ error showed, I thought that the issue was overcame, by booting into Advanced mode & installing the PPA for NVIDIA drivers. All OK for a few days, then gone.

While LInux Mint has supported NVMe SSD’s since version 13, or Ubuntu 12.04, both LTS releases, seems like they’re dragging tails on supporting GTX 10 series graphics cards, which at the current time, would include the 1080, 1070 & 1060 releases, Does anyone have a resolution to this matter, or has encountered it? I know that out of the millions of Linux users (we’ve been at or above 2% usershare for months), I’m not the only one with a GTX 1070 running LInux along with W10.

Any answers are greatly appreciated.:wink: