5 shell script for linux newbies

HI, I have been using linux for quite sometimes but know nothing about coding. Finally I came across the above named tutorial in tecmint and am kindup having hardtime knowing the meaning with the “special pattern code”. Though I was able to walk the first part with much ease (Understand Linux Shell and Basic Shell Scripting – Part I).Thank You

Hello Abba_Bello

The Unix/Linux shell is like a programming language with all the programming language constructs such as loop statements to repeat actions, conditional execution statements to execute commands based on conditions, variables to hold places in memory to store values, operators such as arithmetic and conditional operators and many more.

Shell programming(scripting) is writing shell scripts/programs to automate and ease system administration tasks.

A shell script includes a number of Unix/Linux commands that you would run from the command line, therefore you can store them in a script and execute the script to run all the commands stored.