Accessing external hdd by all user

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I have a server where we have connected on 4 TB external hard disk. I am facing some permission issue while using this drive.

For example- Hard drive is formatted with ext4 file system. It is mounted by user1, and user1 is able to access/use this drive. But when user2 wants to store some files it is saying permission denied. I think this is natural from linux permission sense. But is there any way like same drive can be accessed by all the user in same server. Please guide me.



I got a solution by manually mounting this drive and changing group permission of mount point. No help needed on this issue.


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Good that you shared the solution…:slight_smile:


Yes, it’s the most obvious solution to run ‘chmod 777 /drive -R’ where /drive is a mount point of your external drive.
But it’s not the optimal solution if you still need to manage permissions for the files and folders on this drive.

For example, you may need to access restrict for one user to some folder or set a read-only access to him.
If you plan to use some applications like Samba on this drive you’ll also need it.

If you’re interested you can pick more information about permissions here.