Any one of you Guys know about integrating OTRS with AD

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I configured otrs in my rhel 6 and when i’m trying to integrate otrs application to AD using ldap i’m facing some issue’s, i want to know how to integrate otrs with Ad, so if any one of you guys know how to integrate the otrs with AD please let me know

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Hi, I’ve integrated Otrs with ldap and works fine, you can find some examples in Otrs webpage.

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try to follow this videos from the Otrs webpage:

Hi Guys

Thank you all for your response, actually i checked all those while integrating otrs with A.D but i faced some issues while configuring :confounded: , however i configured otrs with ldap :relaxed: so if you guys face any issue with this i’m here to help you bcoz i gained good exp while working on this :grinning: .

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Finally you did yourself, great job @raghuu and hope you will help other fellow users who face similar problems in future…:smile:

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it would be great if you wrote an article about it so that users can simply follow it and ask questions after trying out like you did.