Any single command to know hardware specs of a server in centos

Hi Friends

Please ping if any single command that will show a server hardware specs in centos (Like how many processor, how many cores , how many cache inside, how many installed RAM is there, how many pci-e slots inside, how many usb ports like this.)


@Jagamohan_Mohapatra you can try lshw -short

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Thanks for help. I got what I was looking for.

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Try hwinfo


Hi actually there are lot of commands to get the h/w specs, try dmidecode it will reports information about your system’s hardware as described in your system BIOS.

DMI Type id will give information about a particular hardware component of your system

For ex:

# dmidecode -t 1


1 is the id wchic will shows you the info about System Information
and also try the below command to get the details of your system h/w specs

# dmidecode -s