Arch GNU/Linux tends to freeze

I Have installed Arch on one of my box having Intel inbuilt graphic card. The installation was straight forward as i have experience with gentoo GNU/Linux. But the problem is Arch tends to freeze quiet often specially when watching videos or leaving the machine unattained for some time. I believe this is the graphic driver issue. I looked into detail and found I have already installed Intel graphic card driver. I am not getting time to look into the issue in more detail. Anyone here who faced same issue anytime earlier and how it was solved?

P.S : Kernel is Linux 4.1.2-2 (as i remember) running latest Gnome Desktop Environment.


Hmmm, it seems that there have been some problems with Intel graphics recently. If you use SNA acceleration try switching to UXA. See this link to an Arch Wiki article on how to configure your

/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf file:

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Sure @BrankoTesla i am going to try your suggestions.
Thanks for the response!