Are you satisfied with the Linux distribution you are using?

What Linux Distribution you are using at your workplace and for your personal Computing?
Are you satisfied with the performance of your distribution?

What change will you like to make on your Linux Distribution, if permitted?

I am using Debian GNU/Linux for most of my things. All my server is powered by Debian. Simplicity, User Friendliness, lots of packages in repo, Three branch (stable, testing and experimental), largest community support, security,… are the reasons why i Prefer Debian GNU/Linux.
In my leisure i like to work with Gentoo GNU/Linux. I always remained a fan of Gentoo. For me Debian works out of the box but Gentoo get rid of the box. Raw packages, well documentation, emerge, everything from source,… Gentoo is very different.

What is the situation with you?

Mostly satisfied my main dist home is Slackware and sometimes Kali :slight_smile: :blush:. And at work i have to use Windows but when possible i work with Linux even do they prefer Windows and office365 thats a drag a couple of us in work use other office models lik OO ore libreoffice and kallibre…

At home only Linux Slackware and Kali
and att work Slack and Windows in that order if possible

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Arch is my No.1 choice - I don’t have a lot of Linux experience (and some experienced Archers would advise to stay away form Arch if one is a newbie) but I wanted to get my hands dirty, so I chose Arch. And I never regretted. I also run Mint and Ubuntu on other machines and now I’m about to install ElementaryOS - looks beautiful.


For me always CentOS and RHEL for testing out my projects and Linux Mint for Desktop work…


I’m a big fan of Ubuntu for my daily desktop activities. Ubuntu has all of my needed applications, and they are easy to be installed. For example, till this time i still can’t find any documentation about how to install synapse and kazam in fedora 22. They are not included in Fedora repository or RPM fusion repository. But in Ubuntu 14.04, they can be easily installed from PPA’s.
But for server purpose, my favorite is Debian or Centos.

Ubuntu is for newbie users and its created for only Home users in mind, so basically Ubuntu ships with all needed packages like Windows system and I must say that Ubuntu is one of the biggest bug factory for me and about Fedora is a cutting edge distribution for experienced Linux users and Fedora project used for testing out CentOS/RHEL stuff.

I’m using Mint 17.2, at the moment, for my linux desktop environment, both for home and work (beside Windows). For server infrastructure I’m using Ubuntu, Suse, RHEL, CentOS, VmWare. Mint gives me some pretty good desktop experience, it’s really elegant and easy to get used to it with cinnamon desktop. Currently using Ubuntu server for some Bind public DNS, postfix mail gateway, proftp ftp, Observium and Owncloud; RHEL for IBM Informix database, Suse for some ERP app, CentOS for NLB (Piranha) and VmWare as virtualization infrastructure. Beside there is entire windows server ifrastructure.

I don’t agree about Ubuntu is only for newbies. Why ‘experienced Linux users’ can’t use Ubuntu? I think experienced user also need the easiest distro for their daily activities. Who want to compile a driver printer from source code when we are hurried to print a document? Nobody. They definitely choose just to click a .deb or .rpm package and follow the wizard. I’m not a Linux kernel developer or hacker, but i use Linux for almost 4 years. I have used fedora, opensuse and ubuntu. And for daily purpose (office with libre office, editing picture with gimp, screen recording and editing video with kazam and pitivi, and others), i think Ubuntu has more applications and of course easier to be installed. And we must admit that people need an easy to use Distro for Desktop purpose. That’s all we need if we want Linux to win the Desktop OS competition. But if we talk about server or OS for ‘geek’, Linux is the winner. And i love to use Centos, not ubuntu.


Linux mint is doing a great job with my Desktop. Rest RHEL and Cent OS is fine.

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Same here my Linux Mint 17.1 doing great with my Desktop lappy and it’s the only OS with speed, stable and lightweight when used cinnamon…

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Linux Mint with cinnamon is the best for daily desktop activities without any bugs…Ubuntu can’t beat Linux Mint in any form…Mint is one of the best Linux OS I ever worked…:slight_smile:


@Gnuru so slack is your Preferred Distro.
Are you completely satisfied by slack?
What thing you would like to change in slack, if you are permitted?

I Agree Arch is a very nice distro and it is much easy to Handle as compared to Gentoo. Though I don’t have good experience with Arch GNU/Linux, as it tends to freeze for Intel Graphic Card even when I was using correct driver. It is quiet fast. Pacman is much smart than yum/dnf/apt and this is my personal experience, with which you may disagree.

I could agree with possibly anything but only when Ubuntu is not in the List. My personal finding Ubuntu is too Buggy and it concentrate mostly on Ads. Also Richards M. Stallman said once Ubuntu is spyware. Sorry if it hurts. CentOS is rock solid as is Debian and Pretty Secure.

They say Ubuntu is Designed for Humans :wink:

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I’m using MX-14 to run my IT business. MX-14 is based on Debian Stable and it is a symbiosis of antiX and what used to be Mepis, MX14 is extremely fast, phenomenally light, it has all the power of Debian behind it and one of the best toolsets I have ever come across in a free desktop distribution. What does it lack? currently UEFI support in the default ISO, the current version is 32-bit only and the entire ISO is designed to fit on a 700MB CD, so a few of the apps are too light for my liking, but thanks to the drop dead easy remastering toolkits included with the MX toolbox, it’s possible to make your own respin with your preferred apps in as little as 20 minutes. The community have monthly updated ISO images available (which do not conform to CD-size limitation) and a 64-bit version is in the works with UEFI support for the next release.

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Agree! Mint is a clean and stable Linux Distribution with good support for number of hardware specially WIFI and Touch Pad Drivers.

Can’t say anything about Ubuntu :confused:

SUSE, RHEL, CentOS are very stable and secure and hence need no clarification.

I completely agree with your point. My point is let us look at other distros there that are equally good and Productive. Some are even better.

What you said is correct. That is one of Ubuntu’s weakness. Every distro has its own strengths and weaknesses. Also has its purpose itself. So, that’s why Linux has a ton of distros. :smile:

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So you agree that Ubuntu is a buggy OS… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: