Are you using window managers only? EDIT: Let's share our config files and screenshots

Hi everyone!

@Avi started a great topic about Linux distributions we use. As I said there, we all have our favourites. However, I’m curious to know if you use windows managers instead of full desktop environments. A few weeks ago I gave i3wm a try in my Arch and I quite like it (uses only 130M of RAM! together with Compton and urxvt).

WMs can be used in various distributions – not just Arch!

What are your opinions?



I Found that i3wm window manager very interesting and even I tried for one day on Ubuntu system, but returned back to Mate DE on the next day, as I needed all other services a Desktop Environment provides…

urxvt is also a great highly customizable terminal emulator for X DE’s but never tried so far…

I am a big fan of I3. It is clean and allows me to bring in the best individual programs to run my environment and gives me a nice clean keybind / desktop management system.

Prior I was a big fan of Openbox .

Hi @tux2112

I have just stated using it and I have some trouble configuring ~/.I3/config. Mainly, I dont know how to put a language applet in the status bar, so that I can easily switch between languages (keyboard layout). Also there are some key bindingsl, but they dont work for me. E.g. when I switch from ‘en’ to 'bs (using $mod+b) I can’t go back to ‘en’ when I press $mod+Shift+b. (in ~/.i3/config)

It’ll be more clear when you see my dotfiles:


Can you help me with this?