Asking your suggestion for a NAS solution over RHEL

Hi Friends

I have a scenario based issue like below.

I will have two no of 72 core high end servers. One is for Windows which will run 7 virtual machines. Server no will have 7 no virtual machine over KVM. Both server one and two will have 2TB hdd eaych. But as my client wants server 1 and server 2 will connect one NAS server (server 3) for their storage need.

My client suggested me RHEL can be configured to act as NAS server (like they told NAS can be configured by adding some open source package). So can any one please guide me how to configure RHEL to act as a NAS.

Thanks in advance.


I suggest you to go with FreeNAS storage engine. Here is the complete series on how to setup and configure FreeNAS.

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that’s a nice configuration. about your NAS, did you check RockStor, as it’s based on CentOS7 and working very well. On top of the NAS functionality, you will discovered RockStor is able to run some containers (Rock-On) that are Docker’s containers.

Hope it help