Attach Single iSCSI target into multiple servers!

I need to attach single iscsi target to two linux server. Application is running on each servers that need to write data on that attached storage path.

Means, both server application need to access same shared path.

I know , cluster aware filesystem is mandatory for this requirement. So I tried Glusterfs , but not working.

Lets summaries what I did:

1.) First I attached single iSCSI target to two linux box.
2.) Installed glusterfs server on both linux box
3.) Created probe between both linux box
4.) created volume by using below command

gluster volume create glustervol1 replica 2 transport tcp node1.linuxtest.local:/mnt/brick1 node2.linuxtest.local:/mnt/brick1

If I write anything on the shared directory /mnt/brick1 from node1 machine, same was not replicated in another machine shared path. Don’t know why its not shown on node2 server even if its a same share path.

Did I make anything wrong here ?. Or Method I used/implement is totally wrong. I don’t have any idea.

Please help. Thanks in Advance

check cluster heartbeat if thats active

FYI…i made OCFS cluster and heartbeat is running fine but still data is not replicating

Is there need to add firewall/selinux setting??