Audio is not coming in ubuntu when I play any video?


I have laptop with ubuntu14.04, its working but when I play a video with VLC, or anyother player the audio is not coming.

If I play any mp3 with rythm box or anyother music player, VLC too, audio is working fine

I can able to work with skype, video call is working, when I using Youtube, audio is working, but when I play the video any player the audio is coming I don’t know.

I tried to reconfigure the audio but its not successful please advice thanks.

In VLC go to Tools > Preferences > Audio and change the audio module. If this does not work, check the output device and try switching it if there is second output device.

Does any other audio work with media player? This should help tell where the problem is. Computer, ubuntu audio drivers , VLC s/w, audio output device…

Yes other audio’s are working, when I play video the audio is not audible thanks

I have tired but not succeed thanks and also changed the audio drivers