Backup specific from multiple databases using shell script?

I have multiple databases on cloud server, I just want to backup single database one of them using shell script and move that backup from one folder to another folder and exit .How can I do that please help me. I am new to Shell Scripting and I will be very thankful to you .

mysqldump -uDB_USER -pPASSWORD DATABASE_NAME > /your-desired-path/database.sql

Replace DB_USER with the database user you are using and PASSWORD with the actual password. DATABASE_NAME must be replaced with the database name you are replacing. “your-desired-path” is the place where you wish to move the backup.

also note on the mysqldumb command, if the user or password contains spaces or some of the other characters, you might want to surround it in quotes.

mysqldumb -ubob -p"My moronic password with a lot of spaces@3" “My Database” >~/mydump.sql