Battery Charging issue specific to ubuntu.

I dual booted Ubuntu 18.04 LTS along with windows 10 and have used it for 6 months now, recently I have been noticing the battery has been showing an erratic pattern when plugged in and charging while using Ubuntu, the pattern:

Charge for 3 minutes, not charge for 10 minutes, charge for 3 minutes, not charge for 10 minutes, and so on, (the time periods are approximate and just to give an idea of the situation).

I am able to notice this pattern of “Plugged In and not charging” from the battery charging LED indicator on my PC.

The battery charges fine when I am in windows or when the PC is charging from BIOS (i.e in Ubuntu when the screen is down), however, this pattern persists when I work with ubuntu. Are re-partitioning and re-installing ubuntu my best choice (Not preferred due to issues faced during the initial install)?

My PC : HP15-da0077tx
This situation has started since the last 1 month, worked fine before that since I dual booted ( 6 months).

Can someone please help me out as I am a beginner, any help is greatly appreciated.