Best IT Practises for setting up IT Infrastructure


I wanted to know the best practices for setting up Servers and clients machines. Currently all my servers and workstations are on the same network. I know that this not an good practice.

My senior told me that we should not implement this, instead all the servers should be in the different network and client PC’s in different network.

If this scenario was right then i’m having other queries regarding setup of DHCP, DNS, firewall and how they’ll communicate with the client PC’s


Personally i feel if client and servers are on same n/w then there is no issues in terms of connectivity

Its like one client-server application on one machine .

If the client is remote to server then we have different n/w and i think purchasing DNS and configuring routers is the way u make that possible

Well you need to write and implement a security policy before that.

You of course need move all servers to the dedicated network and all the clients to the different network.
Then you need to configure your router to allow only allowed requests (HTTP, FTP, DNS, ICMP, etc.) from clients to the servers, but I need to repeat: it should be implemented and tested in your local security policy.

You shouldn’t do it on your own responcibility.