Best Linux distribution for gaming

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A Linux gaming distro, is host designed to support a large variety of games, or software that allows one to play games, and it also has drivers and support for essential devices such as graphics cards and controllers that allow Linux users to play games.
Which Linux distribution is best for gaming purposes?

  • Ubuntu Gamepack

  • Fedora Games Spin

  • Play-Linux

  • Sparky Linux

  • SteamOS

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These are applications ( Steam is a nice platform ) not Distributions. Debian , Arch , Fedora in my experience have the best access to the software needed to customize your system to your needs. Arch is my favorite.

If your question is what comes pre set up with most common tools without user input then it is Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu / Debian.

Howver if you want to customize to youre needs you are better off with a base distro & build from their. Just my opinion.

Good insights, i was trying to get that good application to use and a friend also asked me. Now i can explain to him in a better way.