Best Python IDE to use on Linux

Hello everyone

I would like to know the best Python IDE i can use on Linux and how i can install it. Writing code from VI has become hectic in terms of syntax high lighting, indentation and many more for me as a Python beginner and i would like to use an IDE with some pre-installed modules.

If possible is there a way of configuring VI/VIM as an IDE fro Python.


If suggestions are your priority, then pycharm is good. You can also use vim with a little plugins to have suggestion but IDE will be a better choice with error highlighting and suggestions.

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-How can i install Pycharm on Linux mint and Fedora
-What plugins are there for Vim because i would love to also use it as an IDE for shell scripting.


  • You can use jetbrains website to install make sure you have correct JRE.
  • You can GVIM, I personally use the same. You can also plugins for a particular component.


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You can also use this link specific to Ubuntu.