Can anyone assist setting up a network printer on Centos 7?

I am having a difficulty setting up a network printer. The same printer (has an IP) works fine with Centos 6 and Windows. I tried to setup via GUI Printer setting. Ports for ipp, snmp, http/s ssh, nfs are currently enabled. Not sure this has something to do with Nagios, but disabling Nagios didn’t help. /var/log/messages show something like “Failed to mark scope session-12518.scope as abandoned : Stale file handle”. Does anyone have an idea of how to successfully set up a network printer on Centos 7?
Any help will be much appreciated.


Hi Upgrading systemd to 208-20.el7 or later will fix the issue.

#yum update systemd-208-20.e17

Actually this behaviour is caused by a bug.

Thank you for the response. I have tried to update the systemd.

# systemctl --version
  systemd 208

Installed Packages
systemd.x86_64                               208-20.el7_1.6                               @updates

The printer got added successfully, but the queue gets till stuck. I’ll dig more into it.

You can clean all those jobs manually


it will list all the jobs in queue

#cancel -u user

You can cancel only jobs owned by you, or by an specified user

#cancel -a printer


#cancel (printerjobid)

otherwise you can clean all those queues by openig the cups web browser interface


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Well, the question was not about how to clean queues, but you gave me an idea of using a command utility to administer printers. Thank you very much for the prompt assistance. It helped a lot!