Can anyone recommend a good budget laptop for Linux

Hi guys.

I am looking to buy a new budget laptop to run LinuxMint on it. I can spend max of 300$. The laptop will be used mainly for SSH connections and browsing. Do you know some good offers? Let me know. If you have some good links please share them here.

I suggest you to go with lenovo laptop.I think it will give the best for your budget.
But my favorite laptop is HP

Lenovo Thinkpad is what I always buy for a good low price and plays well with Linux.
Good deals on these at ebay but I recommend you buy from a dealer there and not individual.

Thanks guys, I found a perfect Lenovo Thinkpad with 4G RAM and intel i5 CPU for less than $200. I think this is it :slight_smile:

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According to me

ASUS X-series is the best option…for Linux and a good budget Laptop…

can you please share the model number? so that i will also buy

Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Core i5. I bought it second hand from Bulgarian website. But I suggest you check in ebay or alternative in your region.

That notebook is well capable of running Linux Mint & should last quite some time. Obviously used at this price, certainly not a budget model ($1299.99 new). Lenovo hardware is among the best, I still have an ancient T42 Thinkpad series with MInt 13 MATE installed.

With 4GB RAM (possibly upgradable to 8GB) & an i5, you should be able to cruise through whatever you want or need to do.

I want that too :heart_eyes:
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It is a used laptop, with 6 months warranty. We have lots of such in Bulgaria. You can search in ebay, you might easily fine one as well. Good Luck

Thanks Marin!

I did some research, it costs around 500$ in Bosnia! Used!!! :rage:

This is a Bulgarian website where you can see the laptop for between $190-$220;promoted

I am not sure if the seller would want to ship outside of Bulgaria though.

Great! Thanks!

I just had a look there - 400 lev seems a nice deal.

Btw, great article on how to install Wordpress on CentOS 7. :+1:

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Thanks. Btw if tyou tell me your country region I can check the shipping costs if you really want to buy such laptop :wink:

I think we’re quite near - Bulgaria and Bosnia are :wink:

I’ll send you a PM when/if I decide. Thanks.

I think Dell Inspiron 3542 comes pre-installed with Ubuntu