Can anyone recommend a good Linux administration books

Hello guys,

I am looking for a good system administration book that will help me improve my skills. I need something that will cover backups, process monitoring, user management etc. Basically the most important stuff a sys admin should know about. Please share your source of knowledge.

inbox me your MailID i will send you those books through mail

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Without hesitation I can recommend The Linux Command line, which is free to download from


Hi Marin,

Books/e-books on Linux is something I miss too. I did find some on the page below, though I haven’t gone through them yet:

Thanks to (and especially Paul Cobbaut) for making these ebooks available to all Linux users.

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HI rahul_36

Please share those books to me. My mail id is

You can download a lot of books from internet

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Hi Martin,

Please follow the link,