Can you install Linux on android tablets

Hello Guys,

Is it possible to instal Linux on android tablet? I am not talking about the virtualization that some of the apps provide. I mean replace android with a Linux distro. Has anyone tested this? If there are any good instructions available, please share them here.

I suppose you already had a look at this:

Some guys from Arch forums seem to have succeded in replacing Android with Arch. I’ll share a few links - you may find something useful:

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Thanks. I actually have similar model of Note 10.1 so I will give it a try. Hope it works.

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I to am interested in getting Linux on some tablets that were given to me because their owners though they were “junk”. And while I’m sure in the Android / tablet world they must be close to the bottom-of-the-barrel, I’m certain that with the right distro on it…it can become a useful tool, from reading the mountain of pdf files that I have to just being able to connect with people in the most remote of places…(at the laundry mat…waiting for clothes to dry…in the library, at the bus terminal as I commute to and from NYC to PA etc.) So if there’s a way to get this done, I am very interested in finding out how! Thanks for the links by the way, although I’m not sure I would go with Arch on this…for me its a little “above my head” LoL! Hmmm…I wonder…LoL!