Cent os not booting, only black screen is coming

after two days I started the system, but it is showing nothing, just an line space is coming, not able to see any messages, just a black screen with a single empty line is coimg, I didn’t make any new changes to the system, can anyone help me to resolve this. Thanks in advance

Please think on the below information:

  1. What is the status of Physical RAM ?
    Ans : Re-seat the physical RAM after cleaning the carbonized material.

  2. Did you check with other media ?
    Ans : Try with other OS media like Solaris 10, Ubuntu, Suse or Windows. There is some doubt about your media.

  3. Are you running the OS on VM or Physical Machine?
    Ans : If it an physical machine then follow the “Point 1” otherwise increase the RAM of the VM at least 700 MB.

Update us the outcome.

i dont have any issues on hard ware, even i took all the data back up using live cd.
it is the physical machine. i have put the rescue cd also and installed the boot loader, the booting process started and at a particular stage it stopped… i dont know whats the issue

If your booting to the live cd - it’s possibly not your system. You could still have an underlying memory problem. Unlikely, still small possibility.

If you can get to the livecd, can you see the drive and access the drive? If you can’t something has happened to the drive or partitions on the drive.

If you can get to the drive, can you get to the log folder. ?

If you have a problem with Grub,


@ etm 1109 , ya i can get to the live cd , i can see all the drives and partitions present , and also i took the log files, i think it may be a boot loader or grub problem, if it is how can i check in the log files.

If it were me, I would copy the entire /home from the machine, install CEntOS on another machine, replace the /home on the new machine and see if it has a problem booting up. If not? Then it’s definitely something wrong with the hardware. If it does have an issue with booting up…then something’s amiss with the configuration, or something’s changed within it…I would check the /etc/.config… ( or wherever the main config files are) other wise you could try to run fsck when you boot into the LiveCD…