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Does any of you have taken snapshot of a physical CentOS server and restored it from that snapshot? I used ‘Acronis True Image’ software to take CentOS physical server (1 TB hard drive) snapshot which took about 5-6 hours but it take about 400gb of space on my external hard drive. I am trying to find a process where I can take snapshot/iso/image which does not take 100’s of gb space when taking snapshot of a physical server with 1TB hard drive.

I really appreciate any insights into this topic.

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How about clonezilla ?

I am not intimately familiar with true image as I use clonezilla, which has several compression options. Clonezilla also allows backup of just partitions or the entire disk.

A quick peek on the Acronis web shows that true image 2015 does have a few compression options.


Perhaps someone has used both of these products and can explain if one is better in this regard.

you may also see if Acronis still has free cloud space - then you could save space on your external drive.

Which compression options are you choosing?


How about Redo Backup and Mondo Rescue Disaster Recovery Tool? If you haven’t tried them, you can have a look and also we’ve already covered complete guide on how to use these tools to take snapshot or cloning of Linux systems.


I used ‘Acronis’ and also ‘Redo Backu & Recovery’. Both software’s took almost same time at least for the snapshots. Here is my observation:

Acronis: Snapshot backup method ‘Full’ -> compression level ‘Normal’ -> Archive splitting ‘Automatic’ -> Total Time Taken was around 18hrs -> Size on Hard Drive is ‘373 GB’

Acronis: Recovery of snapshot -> Recovery Method is ‘Recover whole disks and partitions’ -> Time Taken was around 6hrs.

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