CentsOS vs PFSense which was the better?

Is there anyone using pfsense as router in your production environment ? Can we make CentOS as Router for 2 (ISP’s) with load balance ? if we use load balance what type of load balance we can use ? can we use IPTables as firewall in production environment?

Never heard about this before, from wiki it says pfsense is one of the best open source firewall, router and load balancing operating system for production servers and I see Tecmint already covered a detailed instruction and configuration about Pfsense at:


Also if you want to turn your CentOS operating system into a Network Router for traffic handling, then you should follow this nice tutorial by Gabriel from LFCE series…


thank you @anusha ji i’ll look into it . My question is can we add all those features which are there in pfsense to our CentOS box?

No idea about Pfsense and their features, I am a newbie just stepped into Linux world to improve my skills on Linux stream via this Linuxsay forum by Tecmint…by the way Happy Friendship Day…:slight_smile:

Maybe this would help

When CentOS is an Derivate from Redhat i think same applyes