Complete backup of emails using email server postfix with roundcube

Hello Friends,

I have setup postfix server which is using mysql db, now i want to take backup of all accounts with complete emails so that i can restore on another machine. Please tell me the procedure of backing up.

I want to restore the backup on another centos machine where i can get all data same like as my old machine.


To backup complete Postfix mail accounts, simply copying users mailbox folder (example: /var/vmail in most cases) and archive it using following tar command.

# tar cvzf mailbox-`date +%F_%H%M`.tar.gz /home/vmail 

After, that you can backup or dump mysql database using following command.

# mysqldump -u root -p databasename > databasename.sql
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Thanks for reply Ravi

I will follow the process and will update the status.

Thanks Once again… :smiley: