Converting EXT4 filesystem to EXT2 and EXT3 filesytem


We have the command to convert EXT3 file system to EXT2 file system. Also wise versa

But how can i convert the EXT4 file system to EXT2 file system.

As same i need to convert EXT4 file system to EXT3 file system.

Please help me to fix the above issue

I hope this following guide will help you covert ext4 to ext2 and ext3 and vise versa…


I have seen the guide but downgrading filesystem from ext4 to ext2 and ext3 is not there.


according to my view converting ext4 filesystem to ext3 filesystem is not possible.


Thanks for your reply. We can able to downgrade the ext3 file system to ext2 filesystem.

But why we cannot able to downgrade the ext4 file system to ext3 filesystem.

Please let us know is there any reason behind this.

Try to backup partition by “tar” or “cpio” , then create a new filesystem
then restore created backup file…


@iamarunk1898 : i think it is easy if we go with @jalal_hajigholamali option


ext3 and ext2 are the same and only difference is
ext3 is journal filesystem and ext2 does not journal capability
ext4 architect is not similar ext2…


Yes getting rid of journal we can convert our ext3 file system to ext2 file system for that follow these steps

#umount /dev/xxx
#tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/xxx
#e2fsck -y /dev/xxx
#mount -t ext2 /dev/xxx /mountpoint

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Thank you all .Can anyone please explain the below terms.which i have taken from the command


tune2fs -O extents,uninit_bg,dir_index /dev/hdx.