Converting MBR disk style to GPT

Hello friends

I would like to convert my disk style from MBR partitions table to GPT partition table style, can any one help me on how to achieve this.
And also what are the effects of doing this to the booting process of my machine. My BIOS is in UEFI format.

Thanks for your help.

Form the Microsoft FAQ on GPT and Extensible Firmware Interface.

Iā€™d suggest reading the entire FAQ - very informative. :smile:

Can a disk be converted from GUID Partition Table to MBR or MBR to GUID Partition Table?

Yes, but only if the disk contains no partitions or volumes. Any data on the disk will be destroyed. Note that GUID Partition Table disks are only supported on the 64-bit version of Windows XP. (I suspect that any Windows 64bit OS of XP or newer)


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I read the info from the link:, i have actually converted my hard disk from MBR to GPT.