Could not execute auto check for display colors using command /usr/bin/xdpyinfo


I have installed oracle in my linux server as per the document mention in

But now i am receiving the error. Below is the screen shot.

Please help me to fix this error

Such error occur if the DISPLAY variable not configured properly and the installation running the user not configured to open an X window.

For example, if you use an su command and then switch to different user who not authorized to open an X window on the display, such as a less privileged user opening windows on the root user’s terminal display.

To fix such error, you need to set the DISPLAY variable by running the following command. run the command:


After setting proper display variable make sure to confirm that you are logged in as the user, who has privileges to open an X window, or run the following command to allow any user to open an X window. # xhost +