Disk Space issue ? Ubuntu 14.04


I have server which is installed KVM, guest operating system having Ubuntu 14.04 and Disk Partition is /dev/vda1 -14GB / and /dev/vdc - 99GB mounted /home/username/data

When I see df -h its showing

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/vdc 99G 1.8G 92G 2% /home/username/data

Can any one please help this


Hi DhanuPreeth

I didn’t get you, what you want’s to know according to your post everything is fine.

did you facing any issue or what, can you please elaborate it.

oh ok i got it out of 99G it was showing 92G free space and used is 2G

use parted for checking the disk details


print all (show hard drive info)

or resize the partition on fly

#resize2fs /dev/vdc

or make the data backup and recreate the file system (reformat it )