Does any one here know a Backup solution using Linux

Hi All,
I just want to implement a backup solution which can run sync files just like Duplicati.
I used duplicati backup as its open source but had many syncing issues.
There are about 5 users running different Operating systems , wanted to know a backup solution which can be deployed over LOCAL SERVER?

Please help.

You can use rsync to sync whatever you need. The beauty of it, is that you can write your own script to backup only the information you actually need.

If you need something more professional, you can use R1Soft, but it requires a license.

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Thanks for your reply. I need to backup my desktops which are in the same network. Rsync are popular but they are server backups but I don’t need any server backup.
Need to find a solution so that my users can backup their local drives(ofcourse by selecting) onto the server.

Let me tell you about my previous scenario:
I used Duplicati an open source which was very reliable but the backups are broke at irregular times and stored in this way its hard to fetch and aggregate the backups.

**Just like that I need either open source or Licensed Local backup method.
I hope you got it.


redo backup linux will make compressed backup images of drives or partitions that can be restored. It backs up windows, linux and even OS/X partitions.

It comes as a live CD (or thumb stick) and a slick, idiot proof interface.

Of course, they would have to be able to change the boot order.

Hi Omer!

There is a really good solution. It’s a free open source software called “Bacula” and it’s really helpful if you need to make backups in you local network. It works in Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Hope this helps you!


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Yes, Bacula will really help you. Just wanna make sure that we have an idea what to backup and how to. The bacula web utility will help us to maintain reports and BAT console will simply make anyone to check the status of backup and run it, if cli is not familiar.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Redo backup doesn’t seems to be good as we cannot perform sync at different schedules.

@jrios and @wubyz thanks for your suggestions. Isn’t Bacula users reported many bugs and to me its a complicated one.

Can you explain how can a windows user check its backup done and can he be allowed what things to be backed up incrementally.

Did you guys check duplicati, its gui was amazing when compared to Bacula.


Sorry. Don’t have any idea about Duplicati. The Bconsole GUI in windows can help you to list the status. Also bacula linux command must work in windows, if you use power shell (Not tried in case of bacula). Will try Duplicati. Thanx :smile:

According to me TAR is the Best in class backup tool in Linux