Does it help for a Linux system to have multiple desktop environments installed?

I have been using Gnome since very early and i am pretty satisfied with it. I have seen peoples having more than one Desktop Environment installed on the same box. I always thought that Operating System and Desktop Environment are like a religious issue and very rarely one switch to another Desktop Environment. Does it help having more than one DE on a system? Is it really helpful?

I have had 2 DEs installed on fedora just for a change but only for about a week i cant get away from gnome.As i am 63 years old and been using linux for about 4 years i dont need 2 DEs to confuse me more than i am lol. Really though i dont see the point in having 2. I sort of love fedora 22 gnome and trons suite theme running but its all down to a personal choice isnt it.So whatever suits ya use it i sayhappy computing

Again, I agree that it’s mostly user’s choice and I’m absolutely fine with any DE. There are flaming wars going on internet forums on sensless topics such as “Gnome is better than KDE” etc. I have tried most DE available and all of them t have their pros and cons. For example, I use LXDE on my FreeBSD machine and I find it awesome. It’s fast responsive and utterly lightweight - though not that lightweight as XFCE.

On one of my macines I have Arch instaled on a partition with only i3, but on another partition I have Arch with Gnome. I use Fedora 22 with Plasma and Mint with Cinnamon.

On topic:

I think that it’s a very good practice to have multiple DE on a macihine (distro) as long as they are in a “friendly” relationship. On Arch people have multiple DEs using slim:

But I’m not sure about Ubuntu or Mint - I don’t think it’s very likely. :confused:

I have veen using KDE under Linux/Mint for years and like this combination very much. As far as multiple virtual desktops are concerned - yes, I use them extensively, in fact I use 4 of them: 1 = Internet work (browser, e-mail, skype), 2 = Office (LibreOffice, Korganizer), 3 = Konsole (software installation and updating, editor (Kate)), 4 = system (performance monitoring, turboprint, logs display). I find that - seeing as I tend to work in just ONE of them at a time to do the type of work assigned to the respective desktop, I don’t have unnecessary stuff from the other desktops displayed there. It makes for a cleaner workplace…

It helps if multiple people work on the same computer. For example some of my colleagues use KDE while I prefer Gnome. In case there was Cinnamon on my machine I would definitely use it.

If you are talking about personal Desktop computer used by one person only, I don’t see any practical use of having multiple DEs.