Domain Controller and File Server

Hello All,

This is the 1st time on this forum, I hope I am not asking the same question, it has been asked in the past.

I was wandering if you can help me solve one of the big problem I had. Currently I would like to create a Ubuntu DC server for users within my home, I would also like the same server to act like as a File server to all users. So based on this basic principle, what I hope to achieve is this;

  1. Every user will have to join the DC in-order to login, once that is done they will be automatically mapped with H drive as their Home Drive and one other Public Drive this can be P drive.

  2. When user B logged he/she will see this/her drive and the public drive only, a user should not see other users home drive at all.

  3. The DC should also generate 4 independent IP address for different purpose, these are as follows;

a) - ( any computer and users connected to this IP will have Full DC service as described above.

b) - ( all Machines connected to this IP address will have access to Internet traffic, no access to DC privilege.

c) - ( any Machine or User connected to this IP will have a limited services, like if they are users they will be asked to sign to through DC if it is machine then I will have to create the account based on their MAC address in the system to be given access but will not have any home or public drive at all. This is eventually will be joined with Media Server where all Films and music will be served to users.

d) - ( anyone who is connected to this IP will not have any access to Internet or DC services, this is a closed internal only IP.

  1. All this I would like it to be done using Linux, for cost saving.

  2. All new users and Machine accounts will be created and managed using GUI interface for easy management.

  3. The last point would be, the DC and File Server will be presented within VMware platform, where there is a firewall at the start in one end and Layer 2 Switch in the output end.

Please let me know if this is something you can help