Doubts in Cent Os Partitioning

Hi members,
im little bit confused about partitionning,

while using fdisk /dev/sda , iam not able to create a partition – for both primary partition and extended partition it is telling that “no sectors found”

but if iam creating partition in the graphical Disk utility , iam able to make partions

screen shots are attached and i am having free space also

can u guide me whats the misktake i m doing in partition via CLI,

Thanks in advance


Your partitions are LVM type, so you have to take the steps to make a partition in LVM, first you make a partition using fdisk /dev/sdX then move on to the next steps, check these out:

You have a message from fdisk which says that it does not support drives using GPT and suggests that you use GNU parted. You can also use gdisk, which does support GPT.

Thanks @eager @modserv , yes now able to do partition through GNU parted… it works :smile: