Dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts" messages in loop while booting

I have CentOS 7 installed with VMWare.I got the error booting today. " dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts" . Here attached screen shot for your reference.

Kindly assist with me

It seems to be like you lost your root partition. The machine doesn’t have root partition

/dev/mapper/cl-root does not exist

Dear raghu,
Thanks for the information. If possible to recover a volume/parttion.

Yes you have chance to recover the deleted partition you can use some third party tools like TestDisk

For recovering deleted partition you need LIVE CD and you have to boot into rescue mode then you can recover the deleted partition.

Even tough partition deleted still data is persist on hard disk if you know the exact block no where from partition starts and block id then you recreate the same partition with the same block number & block id and partition number

If you are using LVM you can recover deleted logical volume from the lvm archives which are stored under /etc/lvm/archive/

In your case cl-root is not available

Just boot your machine into rescue mode using linux Live CD

#lvscan            ------>   for scanning logical volumes

Whenever we make changes in lvm archive files were created under the directory

/etc/lvm/archive/VolGrp—LogVol ….

Using those archive logs we will recover the corrupted or deleted logical volume
For scanning the archive file or listing out the archive logs

#vgcfgrestore --list cl

And you have to read the output of above command very carefully

For restoring deleted LVM or corrupted LVM use the below command

#vgcfgrestore -f /etc/lvm/archive/cl-xxxx  cl

For checking the status of logical volume


For activating the logical volume

#lvchange -ay  /dev/VolGrp/LogVol

Now mount the lvm