Email server requiremtns/specs


Could you please let me know server specs for (Centos) machine serving mail for about 500 users. we are planning to configure exim mail server.

The server will be responsible for POP or IMAP connetions for Incomming Mails & SMTP for Outgoing also we are in plan to serve webmail services using the same mail server so it will be use as web server as well

what would be the (specs. memory,cpu etc)?

Please advise on it.

Muhammad Shahid

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A CentOS 6.5 or 7.0 stable OS with 8GB RAM + 6 core CPU’s is able handle your 500 Users including POPu, IMAP and as well as Webmail…

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Hi , i configured a squirell mail server in cent os and running fine, but i need a in depth configuration like memory allocation for a different users , eg only 100 mail he can save like that , can u guide me to set up a robust mal server in indepth configuration

Guys good news for you all, we’are in process in creating an extensive guide on complete Postfix mail server setup with DNS, SPF, MX, DKIM settings. Hopefully the first part of this Postfix mail server series will be published by Friday this week…Stay tuned for the updates at


Thanks in advance , requesting u to publish the in depth configuation of the mail server also.