fail2ban stopped working on centos 7

Hi All,

I have configured fail2ban on our centos 7 server, it worked till last week. Recently we observed that it is not blocking any ip. when i check the log file it shows as fallows:
“2015-12-13 03:18:01,826 fail2ban.server [23536]: INFO rollover performed on /var/log/fail2ban.log
2015-12-13 03:30:34,499 fail2ban.filter [23536]: INFO Log rotation detected for /var/log/secure”

What exactly is log rotation, and how i can make it working again,

Thanks in advance…


I was also facing same issue, then I moved to selinux-ssh jail and now it is fine.

Instead of /var/log/secure go for /var/log/audit and use selinux-ssh jail.

You should have selinux enabled on system for this.