Friends I want to know which monitoring tool is best...?

I have to configure Monitoring tool to monitor all the system in a organization around 25…! Which tool i have to use…? Some others forums referred Nagios and Zabbix are the best to monitor…! I need best tool in the security manner. Also i need the reasons to use the monitoring tool.


Yes, what people referring is correct, both Nagios and Zabbix are one of the best industry standard open source monitoring applications for Linux with all needed functionality…

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But i have to know which one is best in security side. Also monitor large large scale of resource.
Zabbix or Nagios Anyone among these.? Which is preferred by the organization.

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I will prefer nagios it is some what tricky to configure it, but it is superb and latest version of nagios is nagiosxi it is amazing.


you can also go with FAN OS (Fully Automated Nagios).

Hi guys,

I know this is a bit old thread, but the topic is always new. :smile:

I’ve just read this article about network monitoring tools on and wanted to share with you.

And there are tons of monitoring tools described here:

Here are few more monitoring tools with installation and usage…

I hope you guys like it…

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Cool! Thanks Ravi - that’s a great overview! Now I don’t need to wade through all kinds of CLI and GUI monitoring tools. It’s nice to have them all in one place :smiley: