FTP user and group access permissions

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can any one help me to setup ftp server where one group of users can upload and modify the files, and all others can only download and read permissions.
We are using centos 7 server.


I think these two following tutorials will help you out in setting up your FTP server as per your requirements.


If any problems or issues during FTP setup, feel free to post your questions here, we will love to help you out…

Thank you for your quick response,
In my scenario, i have a folder called “Data”. this data directory we are giving to our client, they should also access this through password. but they should not modify or upload files. Only a group of people from our end only should have upload & writer permissions.

I think this what you looking for your setup, make sure to replace the username, group and folder as per your requirements.

mkdir data useradd <-username> passwrd <-username> chown –R <-username> data groupadd <-groupname> gpasswd -a <-username> <-groupname> chgrp -R <-groupname> data chmod -R g+rw data
Also if you want to restrict the user to **Data** folder, then you need to add following option to FTP configration file and restart the FTP to take new changes to effect.
The above steps will enable users to have only read access to files and folders inside the **Data** directory.
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Set g+s for group of users can upload and modify the files, and acl for others - by default I guess your files are with root root.

Thank you for your post.
I did the same thing, with the help of setuid & setgid,completed my task.