Gdm login not showing ( redhat Linux 6.7 workstation )

Hi ,

Can anyone help, i have a z820 workstation install with redhat linux ws 6.7 . Someone install some apps on it and now after reboot a graphics screen show with mouse cursor but gdm login screen not showing . So i bypass it by using key ctrl alt f2 and I can login from prompt in text mode. There , I try to run startx which the gui started and I can see the desktop icon only inside the gnome-panel is not visible. Can someone advice??

I have try reinstalling gnomedesktop , nautilus , gconf , and etc . It still doesn’t work




Remove the packages what you installed and install the below packages

# yum -y groupinstall "X Window System" "Desktop" "Fonts" "General Purpose Desktop"

I hope you may get many valuable and more effective for this query. But here I would like to say thank you for giving such an opportunity to think about this topic. Actually I too need a solution on this topic. thank you.

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