Have Your Ever Thought Switching from Windows to Linux? [Poll]

People who use Linux have a great interest towards Linux, and they don’t have any negative thoughts about their choice of Linux operating system. They have formed a united community that is amorous (feeling) about the product they have chosen to support.

We really wants to know whether you have planning to switch to Linux or you already switched. If yes, which Linux operating system did you look after in favor of Linux? If No, why has Linux nevermore on your life? Please vote the question honestly in the below Poll to help us compile usable results.

  • Yes, I have already switched to Linux
  • No, planning to doing so
  • No, Linux holds no interest for me
  • what is Linux?
  • Other (Tell your story in the comments)

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Please cast your vote in the Poll above, and reply why you voted that way in the replies section below. If you have completely moved to Linux, then do tell us why you did so, and which Linux distribution you have chosen? If you have never ever consider moving to Linux, then what cause that decision?

The more you explain in your comment, the more we can understand. In other words, voting in the Poll tells us in short way, but putting detail in the comments tells us a whole lot more.

I made the jump 6 years ago. I tried Fedora, Ubunlu, Xubutu, Puppy and Mint. I settled in on Mint. I also tried Gnome, KDE and Xfce DM’s. Xfce4 works for for me and it’s quick and reliable. I’ve used MDM, GDM, KDM and LightDM DM’s. LightDM is a rocket and doesn’t hang like MDM. I own 4 laptops and 1 desktop. All but my Dosktop run Mint. The Linux world can be a little deep for my wife. Most Linux distos will run rings around Windoz.

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Hi Ravi,

Moved to Linux because it just works for me, I love it! I can do anything I want with it - a matter of freedom which I can’t find in some other OSs. :grin:

I tried most buntu flavors as well as OpenSUSE, Mint etc… I’m using Arch as my main distro and I have GNOME on my laptop, KDE on my main desktop, i3 on a little older machine. I have a CentOS on a home server, and am trying other distros too. Mint with cinnamon is my second best. :+1:

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I switched to Linux because it is free there that means freedom to know each and every part of the kernel and how it operates compared to other OSs.
I also find it more interesting as it puts me in the mood to learn.

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I changed to Linux about 4 years ago cause my son pestered me to do so lol i was 60 years young.He helped me install Ubuntu on a dual boot with windows but after 7 days i said im going to linux as windows sux. I tried Ubuntu then i installed Oracle Virtual box and tried some other distros ie: lubuntu kubuntu mint cinnamon and about 20 odd others but couldnt decide which one to use. Then i seen fedora 20 and installed in the VM and sort of said this will do me and i have stuck with Fedora since then on my main machine but i run LXLE as a media server on another smaller laptop.

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5 years, A week after Ubuntu 10.04 was released.
Now I have win10 for some of my games and Manjaro 15.09 with kde 5 as my main OS <3

I love Linux and I need windows for the gaming world.

I switched to Linux about 4 years ago. To tell the truth, I have dual boot with Windows, but can not remember the last time I booted windows. I use Arch Linux now, but have VMs of many different distros (labs, study, curiosity…).

I’ve tried several different versions over the years. I eventually standardized on Linux Mint as my main OS on my laptop which I use day to day. I also have a desktop computer which is a dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows 7 Ultimate. I need Windows to run three programs that I must use regularly and cannot live without. Otherwise, it’s primarily Linux Mint for me.

I was going throughout life using Windows, (from Windows 95!!) thinking that all was well, got through Win95, then 98, then 2000, then Vista Me…up until XP. I loved XP!..loved everything about it, thought it was the greatest OS on the planet.

That is up until I received a BSOD that was unrecoverable. I LOST EVERYTHING. Baby pictures of my son, pics and documents that were of immense sentimental value. After the “Zero Extinction” event, I swore on the grave of my very first pet, that I would never use Windows again! (Was thinking I’d just have to play the Apple-thing, and pay through the nose all my life. In the process of researching the various models of the Apple company, I noticed a word in the description listing, it said “Linux”.

My first thought was some sort of product named after a form of FOOD?..(I naively thought the “Nux” part was a reference to some kind of nut, peanut, hazelnut etc.) After doing more research and SO not believing what I was reading…(a FREE operating system?..IMPOSSIBLE!) but reading more and more I was getting amazed, excited, and even a little bit scared, because I thought this was some form of hacking software ! The more I read, the more I just HAD to try this stuff out.

To make a long story short? I decided on Fedora, and even though they too have left the old Gnome for the new Gnome I still love it! I jumped in feet first when it was still on Version 13…(Goddard?..I think?) And I’ve not looked back since.

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I switched to Linux more than 15 years
as far as i tested, Linux is the best one

When I be retired for 8 years ago. I have test lot of dist,
but I like Ubuntu best. I love to work with command.

I have dual boot with Windows7 for only one reason : My Suunto Ambit 3 need Window$ program Moveslink 2 for transfer data from watch to PC … I tried with Wine, CrossOver, OpenAmbit but nothing worked for now.

I hope Suunto realize that are not only Windows and MacOS users but also a very strong community of Linux users. And finally make the Linux version of Moveslink2! That day I finally said : Goodbye Window$ for ever!

My distro? Linux Mint 17.3 cinnamon

Yes I started with MS DOS all the way to Windows Vista. Then I switched to Apple/Machintosh in 2008. Then in 2016 I discovered Linux Mint 18 Cinammon “Sarah” and recently upgraded to Linux Mint 18.1 Cinammon “Serena”.

I wish I had run into Linux 20 years ago. I am 65 years of age and am planning to learn code and possibly going to get into being an administrator and work from home. I am a veteran and if I get the disability benefits I seek in a recent claim I have filed I will go for the administrator certification.

I am currently disabled and I am on Medicaid and I want to get off it so I can go back to work.