Having trouble in Eclipse IDE on Debian 7

Having trouble with Debian 7 says libc6 package error. There are errors only with eclipse Mars(latest) but I need it to ingrate few packages of salesforce.
Can someone post working steps for installing Eclipse Mars…

Question2 :Also having trouble in VNC server. Whenever I start VNC server in debian 7 with non-root it doesn’t get started. Tried with root too, yet same result.
when i do
#service --status-all
I get that [?]vnc-server?? Can you explain me why?

Your questions is incomplete, can you post here exactly what kind of error you getting about libc6 package? and also can you post the output of following command here? So, that we can help you out…

# service --status-all

I solved the error. It was a dependencies error.
#apt-get -f install

Will post a log of VNC Server soon.