High cpu usage and cpu load on centos server

hi everyone,
I have deployed a Linux server and that seems to be peaking with high cpu / Load, Also i see on top 2 zombie and more sleeping process. How do i drill down to the root cause. Also how do i identify the zombie process. I have been trying to figure out using ps and top but could not find exact cause.


You can find zombie process by using the command

ps -el | grep Z

In that second column will show which process is zombie process. Try to kill that process

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by using the below command you can find out the zombie processes

#ps aux |grep -i ā€˜Zā€™ here look at the state of the processes
#ps aux | awk ā€˜{ print $8 " " $2 }ā€™ | grep -w Z
#ps axo stat,ppid,pid,comm | grep -w defunct

you can kill the Zombie processes by using kill

#kill -9 pid

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Thanks that was informative using that,
I could find the zombie process it is this abrt. But i dont see it using much cpu.
0.0 0.0 0 0 ? Z Jul17 0:00 [abrt-server]

I like to know or drill down which process is eating up my cpu / load


could you share the out put of the below command

#ps axo stat,ppid,pid,comm | grep -w defunct

and also once check is there any uninterruptible processes is in your server and also share the output of below command

#ps axo stat,ppid,pid,comm | grep -w ā€˜Dā€™

The following is the output.
ps axo stat,ppid,pid,comm | grep -w defunct
Z 2082 27456 abrt-server

Other one did not come up with any output. which means there is no uninterruptible process.


Yes, there is no uninterruptable processes and kill that zombie processes by using the command kill, Zombie process is an process which was in inactive state you can kill it no problem

#kill -9 pid(27456)

if still it occurs the use the parent process id (ppid) to kill it

#kill -9 ppid(2028)

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I have killed the zombie process. Thank you.

You can use top command, see process with state D (process cause high IO)