Home Networks and the realisation that we are all linux Admins

Maybe or maybe not the best place for this but i am new so bear with me please

this is a diagram i made up of my Home Network so i suppose in a small way i am a sort of a Network administrator. For a (elderly Gentleman of 63 )with only a few years of linux (nux) (nix) etc experience this seems ok to me. By Windows users that think that Facebook and Google are the whole WWW they think huh wtf you on about. I run Fedora Main Comp) and LXLE on other comp as a Media server to a Google Box media Player and it all works even i am amazed lol

Kind regards Wayne

ps Thank you Ravi for the stuff i have learned from your posts i am amazed at how far i have got with Linux and a lot of it is Attributable to you and my son. Oh and i have both Comps connected by Samba