How has the Linux Adoption affected your Life?

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What is Linux Adoption?

Linux Adoption is the embracing and support for use of the Linux operating system by individuals, house holds, non-governmental organizations, government institutions and private business companies.
As we well know Linux is the leading operating system in use on many server computers on Internet from web servers, FTP servers, SMB servers, SMTP servers and many more as compared to other operating systems.

Though Linux has not been popular among computer users in many parts of the world, recent years have seen different computer users embrace and accept the use of Linux for different reasons especially on desktop computers.

Many factors have lead to the increasing demand and use of the Linux operating system in recent years on desktop computers. Some of these include open source software support, security and stability features, software cost minimization, free online support and may more.

How has Linux adoption in your country or organization or business company helped boost the level of education, business transactions leading to high profit returns, Information and communication technology and many other aspects of life today or as an individual?

I’d have to say that Linux has impacted my life in a very positive way. Began with Ubuntu via the WUBI method, after bouncing from one distro to the next, finally settled on Linux Mint, which I’ve been running for roughly 6.75 years.

Though at first, was dual booting with XP (which cause some friction on Linux forums), did get enough advice to learn the OS, and ran it a lot, until the release of Windows 7. Then I used Mint less, though did run the OS for secure transactions, as many who dual booted has & still does.

Fast forward to Windows 8, I most certainly was a 50/50 Linux MInt user, and by the release of 8.1, 70/30 in favor of Mint. Then came the ‘crypto’ type of Malware attacks, shifted to 90/10 & now am a 95% Linux Mint user, only keeping Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 to assist on the Bleeping Computer Forum, where I’m an Advisor. Being in this role, am often called upon to assist in other areas besides the Linux forum, otherwise is where I hang around, welcoming & cheering on new Linux users, regardless of distro.

Though we have a set rule, unlike many ‘dedicated’ Linux forums, there is no bashing over dual booting with Windows, or vise versa. I feel that this type of activity that still goes on to this day has harmed Linux growth, though one thing positive, we’ve had a lot of newcomers as of late, tired of all of the Microsoft spying on it’s customers & ready for something new. We do our part in getting one on a LInux OS that suits them, though most chooses Linux Mint, as it’s a near drop in replacement for Windows XP, Vista or 7. Those with 8 or higher are typically more suited with Ubuntu, for a similar look & feel.

I’ve also gained over 40 Linux converts to my name personally, outside of forums, most were tired of Malware attacks, paying for security, confused over what type to get, and other scams targeted towards Windows users. Most has Linux Mint installed, and with everything included with the OS, freedom at last from all of the hassle that goes with Windows & having a secure OS.:slight_smile:

Because of this, despite my disability that keeps me at home much of the time, I feel good that Linux has given me a way to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and for myself, I’m not about ‘just me’, have always been a giving person. Linux has helped to make this possible.:slight_smile:




Thanks for sharing your experience with us, your contribution to Linuxsay will highly be appreciated as per your level of experience and interest in giving to others through sharing knowledge.

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Linux feels like family, because everybody is always there to help… Thank You…



Thanks for sharing you side of the story