How many IPs I can assign to my single NIC card?

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I have got a dedicated server in my environment and I am planning to run Wowza media server and Subsonic on it. I have also purchased 32 IPS for different channels.

How many IPs I can assign on a single NIC card? Is there any limit of assigning IPs to a NIC card?

You can assign up to 255 ip addresses to every NIC (Network Interface Card). For achieve this goal you can use ifconfig command like following:

ifconfig eth0:1
Change eth0 with your arbitrary NIC.

When you execute this command, you actually create a Virtual NIC, For make it permanent create a script with that name for example /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:1 and put your settings to there.



you can use ipboding to 2 bond two IP’s per each NIC card


As @Sepahrad_Salour said we can assign 255 ip addreses to one NIC card.

As your question I understand that you want use all port each ip addresss .

if you all ports each ports it is possible with the nating process or if you want assign different ports you can create virtual ip address.

if you want to use to different different ip address to different servers use software firewall like pfsense or cisco nating firewall routers you can use all 32 ip address efficiently
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