How to change Dictionary in Aspell

It must be all down to my stupidity! I have loadd 2 dictionaries in aspell- English and German. After extensive searching I still have not found out how to change dictinaries for spell checking.

Any hints please?

thanks in advance- a linux newbie,



Do you want to use them in LibreOffice? I use hunspell for that. I’m not quite sure what you want. Which distro are you using?

You can also check which dictionaries you have installed - try this:

Open your Writer, and then go to tools > options > Language settings > Writing aids

You should see something like this (you may see some other dictionaries but these should be checked)

Make sure that Available language modules space is not empty.

Hi Branko,
thanks for the reply. At the moment I am just trying to change dictionaries in vi. Haven’t managed to figure out how to do it . :worried:

OK, I use VIM, but it should be the same. Could you try this and see if it works:

:setlocal spell spelllang=en_us


:setlocal spell spelllang=de

Thanks a lot, Branko! That was the answer, solved my problem.

Wish you a nice weekend,


And to avoid doing that for each session, just add that line e.g

setlocal spell spelllang=en_us

to your vimrc file to start spellcheck automatically. On my Arch Linux, it’s in /etc/vimrc but on your distro it might be somewhere else.

Best wishes and have a nice one yourself! :blush:

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