How to configure NATNetwork with internal network

Hi all i wanted to know how to configure Internal network with NATNetwork in virtual box, such that all my VM’s can able to communicate internally and also it can communicate out of the world. Right now i am trying to implement on my centOS 6.6 (minimal). I setup adapter 1 as internal n/w with (rahulNAT) as name and then 2nd adapter as NATNetwork with same name that i provided for Internal network. From here i am not getting how to proceed further

@rahul_36, I had similar issue earlier this year. When using NAT basically the VM is sharing the same IP address with your computer. Instead of using NAT, I would suggest you using “Bridged adapter”. That way the guest operating system will have its own IP address . For example your main OS will have IP address, the guest OS will have and the secondary guest OS will have IP All three operating systems will be able to communicate with each other and each OS will have access to the outside world.

From personal experience I would suggest you go with this method as the NAT method made me lose few days until I gave up.

P.S. If you are having issues with the CentOS 6.6 minimal install networking, you may need to run:

dhcp eth0

Change “eth0” with the name of the adapter name. You can find it with ifconfig -a

To achieve this I am using hostonly and NAT and it is working fine.

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