How to configure samba with ldap

Hi, I want to configure samba with openldap. i could not configure its very tricky to integrate samba with ldap. Looking for guide lines. it would be helpful if I could get configure files of smb and sldap .

I have configured samba as a dc all working fine, but i want samba backed to be ldap.
Please Help


Hi once look at the below articles might be helpful for you

can we use ldap for windows client authentication ?


Yes rahul you can use ldap for authenticating windows clients.

Instead using LDAP, why not use Kerberos based authentication for Samba, for example the following guide will show you how to setup a NFS share with Kerberos authentication for Linux and Windows clients.

You can first setup samba, using following guide that will show you how to setup Samba to allow file sharing in Windows.

Then, setup Kerberos authentication using above guide…

in windows if we take DC, there is an option called replication. Which will happen between ADC and PDC. Is this option is availbale LDAP.
For Samba there is no replication option.

I don’t have much idea about Windows DC, ADC or PDC, but what I can suggest here is to go for Zentyal for easy setup.

Yeah i m organization we are using the zentyal. But we are facing lots of problems with it. 1) replication 2) DNS. I even raised this issue in their official forums and bugs but no replies from them.

I heard same from few my fellow friends that Zentyal support forum is useless, in fact you will never get any response from them…I am sorry I can’t help you out now, but we are planning to write a complete guide on Samba + Ldap authentication for easy setup, just stay tuned for the article…This is what I can suggest you now…Keep visiting LinuxSay…:smile:

thank you ravi… i daily visit this site

I am eagerly waiting for SAMBA and OPENLDAP guide. Please publish.

Venkatesh Bangalore